Gianpietro Sacchi

Interior & Strategic Consultancy


Director of the post-lauream courses focused on HO.RE.CA @ POLI.DESIGN founded by Politecnico di Milano. Lecturer at International Executive Master in Interior Design Lan Tao Culture Beijing MIEID and Shanghai International Creative Industry Research Center Since 1986 Founder of @ SACCHIDESIGNMILANO. Since 2010 Senior Consultant in Interior Design @PRR Architects. With more than 30 years of professional experience above all in the HO.RE.CA sector Former President of AIPi - Italian Association of Interior Designers. Co-founder of, founded by Politecnico di Milano in 1999. Since 2020 Coordinator of the FCSI Scientific Committee - Food Consultant Society International - Italian Unit. 


Massimo Artorige Giubilesi

Food Technologist, Founder & CEO Giubilesi & Associati srl; Food Safety & Environmental Health Advisor; MSA Certified Professional; FSPCA PCQI for Human Food; Chairman FCSI Italian Unit.

The role and responsibility of hospitality sector operators, in communicating the value of the product and healthiness, through product and process innovations.

After 15 years of experience as Quality, Safety and External Relations Director in multinational production, catering and facility management companies, since 2000 he has been leading a consulting, training, specialist services company serving companies and organizations operating in the food supply chain (import-export, production, transformation, distribution, catering), in the hospitality and wellness industry and in healthcare services.

He deals with management consulting and training for companies and public bodies on food safety, production technologies, environmental health, prevention of food crimes and consumer health protection, management of crisis and alert states, external relations with the public. Administration and the Competent Authority (ATS, NAS, Ministries).

He was Food Safety Specialist Advisor for EXPO2015, Head of the school catering sector of the European Project "Eat Healthy, Informed and Satisfied" and "Biowell-being", co-designer and tutor of the "Multi-ethnicity and Food Safety" project for the Chinese, Arab, Hispanic-American.

Co-author of the book "HACCP" and of the university text "Manual of Catering" and "Designing Professional Catering". He is currently President of the Order of Food Technologists Lombardy and Liguria, President of FCSI Italian Unit (Foodservice Consultants Society International), Adjunct Lecturer at Universities, Foundations and Higher Education Schools, Scientific Director and Food Safety Expert for prestigious magazines in the sector. industry, catering, hospitality.

He is a FSPCA FDA USA (Food Safety Preventive Controls Alliance-Food and Drug Administration) certified professional for the preparation of the Food Safety / Intentional Adulteration Plan for companies exporting to the USA, RSPP and Kiwa Cermet Italy certified Environmental Health Manager. 

Mirco Cavallo

Architect, entrepreneur in the food sector; Associate Creative Director and CEO Superstudio 21 - Köln, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany..

The perspectives of the hospitality sector. How good design can influence proposing positive scenarios and models for users, businesses and society.

Mirco Cavallo is an architect who has worked in the design industry for over 30 years throughout the world. He has collaborated with Mitchell and Butlers. He has worked for the last 8 years as an entrepreneur in the food and beverage industry. 

Benta Wiley


Branding spaces where promotion meets design and changes perspectives

BENTA WILEY Australian born, and Italian trained with an architectural degree from the Milan Polytechnic. Benta took this preparation one step beyond, completing an international PhD in communication and design as catalyst for the quality of design: winning a selective European research program. 

She was awarded the Singapore Design Council best new multigenerational design project in 2015 and in this year also lead a research team together with the Taiwan Faculty of Architecture for a program entitled “Italian Asian cross contamination in design approach and interior detail in commercial and hospitality projects”.

Throughout her career Benta has affronted complex interior design fit outs where her expertise is particularly focused on interior branding design for the HORECA sector. She managed teams of designers for developments in Australia, Singapore, India and the UK. 

Alessandro Marani


The customer experience and engagement for safety and sustainability in the HORECA sector

Brand strategist and creative director of the Oryoki group, Alessandro has over 30 years’ experience assisting companies in creating strong and effective strategies for their market positioning, starting from managing their internal resources and attentive analysis of the state of the art.

Some of his most important experiences include that of being Art Director at Ro Marcenaro, publishing house where he worked with companies such as RAI, Altan, Cavandoli, TAV, Loaker and Bayer.

Then founded his own company Kalimera Srl, a Communication Agency developing strategic solutions for companies such as New Balance, Gruppo Maxmara, Coca Cola. Kellogg’s, Erg, Marazzi Ceramiche, Red Bull, Absolut Wodka, United Colors of Benetton, Credem, Sky Tv, Mtv, Discovery Channel.

He has led numerous research groups regarding company’s brand developments, both from a strategic and also practical point of view; In particular relative to the Customer experience both on land and online, in particular for the food experience sector.

Cosimo Libardo

Global coffee expert - Business strategist - Board Director Specialty Coffee Association Ancona, Italy

Reconciling tradition and innovation through the communication of brand and product values

Co-founder of Nomad Coffee Consultants, Cosimo throughout his career has improved market positioning of various coffee and equipment brands, providing clear strategic direction, while solidifying and growing their business. 

He has over 23 years of experience in internationalization, with a deep passion for strategy and innovation. 

Some of his most relevant work in his 16 years at Simonelli Group, consisted in the re-launch of the historic Victoria Arduino brand

In Australia, while managing Toby's Estate Coffee, he led the launch of several innovative coffee concepts and direct buying relationships that allowed strong brand growth in the Asia Pacific region, Middle East and in the US. 

In his recent experience at Carimali, in a short time, he managed to generate brand growth, through business acquisitions and innovation with the launch of the high precision induction heating technology.

Firm believer in the scalability and sustainability of specialty coffee, Cosimo has comprehensive knowledge, due to his continued involvement with the global coffee sector, along with volunteering in various director roles for key non profit organizations such as the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe SCAE and the global Specialty Coffee Association SCA: Cosimo since 2011 has sat on several task forces and committees, becoming SCAE President in 2014. He currently sits on the SCA global Board of Directors.

Paolo Contu

Professor of Public Health, Department of Medical Sciences and Public Health, University of Cagliari Director of the School of Public Health, University of Cagliari Regional Vice President for IUHPE/EURO – International Union Health Promotion and Education (IUHPE)

The population's health literacy is the basis for active participation in decisions. It concerns the knowledge and competence possessed by the individuals who compose it in meeting the increasingly complex demand for health.

Professor of Public Health, Department of Medical Sciences and Public Health, University of Cagliari.
Director of the School of Public Health, University of Cagliari.
Vice-president for Communications – International Union Health Promotion and Education
Co-Chair of the Global Working Group “Competencies and Workforce Development” – International Union Health Promotion and Education.
1995- member of the European Training Consortium in Public Health and Health Promotion (lecturer and tutor summer courses).
2010 –2016: Vice-president for Capacity Building Education and Training – International Union Health Promotion and Education.
2012 –2015: President of the Faculty of Medicine – University of Cagliari.
Teaching public health, health promotion, epidemiology and medical statistics for undergraduate and postgraduate medical students, nurses, social workers, health visitors, PHD students.
Research in the area of epidemiology and health promotion (clinical epidemiology, biostatistics, action research, participatory methods).

Claudia Meier Magistretti

Professore in Psicologia, IUHPE Vice-President for Partnership, Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Switzerland

Planetary health, our setting. A unified approach to health education, for the development of a common awareness

Prof. Dr. Claudia Meier Magistretti is an FSP psychologist and research manager at the Institute for Social Pedagogy and Education at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences - Social Service. 

For many years she has dealt with issues related to early childhood, also as a member of the board of directors of two EU-COST (Cooperation of Scinecs and Technology) campaigns on issues related to childbirth and early life. 

She is a member of the Global Working Group of Salutogenesis and Vice Director for Global Partnership in the Executive Board of the IUHPE (International Union for Health Promotion and Education). 

She deals with salutogenesis, birth and early childhood, she is the author of several books and lecturer in various colleges and universities in Europe.

Claudio Gallottini

CEO ITA Corporation (Miami, FL – USA), Veterinarian, ANSI Indipendent Food Safety Technical Assessor, Auditor, Lead Instructor FSPCA, BPCS Instructor FDA Approved

Food defense: from Operational Risk Management to Mitigation Strategies, applications from the processing industry to Hospitality

TA Corporation is the consulting bureau of ITA Group first international food safety consultancy Company, wherever you are in the world, you can rely on our international teams of experts to provide solutions on FSMA Rules to provide quality regulatory advice and service like QI Team to assist firms that produce or import food.

ITA Corporation is a consulting company specialized in Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulatory matters in food safety training, inspection, and Auditing. We provide complete and continuous support in mandatory food law to keep International food safety requirements easy to be understood helping worldwide food industries in trading, achieving the global goal of food safety.

Our network of independent advisors and consultants enables ITA Corporation to provide comprehensive consulting, training, and auditing services across multiple industries including dietary supplements, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, cosmetics, tobacco, and food, which support Trading in North America, European Union, Middle East, and Asia.

Our Executive Staff are involved daily in consulting, training, auditing, researching, and conferencing, both nationally and internationally, to offer the best updated support in line with the latest regulations and opportunities.

Our team offer a wealth of expertise and insight into pertinent regulatory matters, providing clients with an understanding of best practice applications for regulatory guidance documents and regulations.

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