Innovate, change, grow: these are the three key words that will characterize the five days of the FCSI Italy program for HOST 2021, developed with meetings divided into thematic areas that are at the centre of the global debate, to which FCSI Professional Members and Allied, together with Universities, Institutions and Market Players will contribute, sharing ideas, projects and innovative visions for a new professional identity of the sector.

These moments of meeting and exchange of ideas for the future will alternate with other events, such as the awarding of prizes to young students of Hotel Institutes/High Education Schools who have distinguished themselves in specific project work and the FCSI Party on Sunday, October 24, an invitation-only event reserved for Professional Members and Allied FCSI, representatives of government authorities, public institutions and management companies market players.

All the events organized by FCSI Italy will be translated in simultaneous ITA-ENG and broadcasted in live streaming on a dedicated channel, giving the possibility to participate remotely or review them later thanks to the on-demand service that will be available only for registered users.


The first day, 22 October, will be dedicated to safety: an issue that has always been vital for a sector such as food service & hospitality, which has become even more important following recent developments linked to the health situation and the need for guarantees from citizens. Among the rules, regulations and procedures dedicated to food and workplace safety, as well as to the healthiness of environments open to the public, we are witnessing the crystallisation of the need for a radical change at a cultural level and the overcoming of certain concepts and approaches, which require the development of new transversal methodologies and certified safety standards, as well as the evolution of classic professional figures.


The second day, 23 October, will be dedicated to sustainability: the new measures to be adopted in a sector disrupted by the pandemic must first and foremost be efficient and adherent to regulations, but also respect the environment and be economically sustainable in the company's balance sheet: a paradigm shift needed to transform producers and consumers from those who exploit into those who live in profitable symbiosis with the environment, which in turn will return to being supporters and no longer those who require sustainability actions. Especially in Italy, in the restaurant industry, the trend is to move towards offering genuine dishes, with few ingredients that reduce living costs: this will result in a return to local zero-km products and traditions. This is just one of the aspects that will be discussed and will lead the way to the following days dedicated to technology and innovation, closely linked to the theme of sustainability.


Award ceremony and debate on the future of vocational training with the participation of Hotel Schools, Universities and training organisations


On the fourth day, October 25, we will discuss innovation: linked not only to technologies and infrastructures, but to new operational and work processes, born and developed in this particular period that requires radical changes at a cultural and managerial level. The pandemic has pushed the accelerator with regard to digitalization in customer relations and the development of new sustainable models linked to catering, such as the sudden growth of take-away or street-food services. In addition, digital systems are developing rapidly to become the beating heart of hospitality activities in the management of customer flows, reservations and orders, even remotely.


On the fifth day, 26 October, communication will reign supreme: strategies and technologies for bridging distances, communicating and managing relations with collaborators, clients and institutions effectively and promptly, developing digital technology for business and corporate reputation. For the survival of a business in the hospitality sector, structures must be able to read data and trends, aiming for an even greater presence on the world wide web and in the world of social networks. To inform and inform, therefore, enhancing the advantages of one's own activity: the business plan of the future cannot lack planned expenses and strategies to make oneself known on multimedia channels, whether traditional or emerging ones linked to the development of the web.

Pre-registration FCSI events programme

In compliance with current regulations, the places available in the Conference Area at the FCSI booth will be limited. If you would like to reserve your place in advance and be informed as soon as the final program is available, please fill out the pre-registration form. In addition, for registrations made by October 10, you will also receive a free entrance ticket to the Fair.